Bargain Shopping

Out and about today, I came across some deals worth sharing at my favorite Salvation Army store.

First up, a Lane coffee table.  The finish needs a little work, but it’s in good, sturdy condition with no major flaws, and as you can see it has a really cool inlay detail.  At $110 it’s a good deal for a piece of mid-century furniture.

Second up is another coffee table.  It has the coolest top on it.  It definitely needs some work, and the legs are just ho-hum, so maybe a little creativity there would help.  But, I think this could turn out amazing, and at $54 it’s a good deal for a unique and potentially stunning coffee table.

And, finally, I found a dining table and 6 chairs (4 side/2 arm) for $149!!!  I would probably do a paint/stain combination on the table, paint those cane-back chairs, and reupholster the seats in something fabulous  It opens up, but there is no leaf with it though I’m sure you could make one/have one made so you can host those big family meals.  I almost had to bring this set home to sit in my garage next to all of my other finds that I’m yet to tackle, much less have a use for.  But talk about a bargain.  Good, solid wood furniture is hard to come by these days, especially at a price like that.  With a little money and effort, you’d have a custom dining set.


Coffee Table Before and After

We found this Haywood Wakefield coffee table on craigslist for $25!  It was in pretty sad shape when we got it, but it wasn’t much work to restore it to it’s former beauty.  We gave it a good sanding and stained it with Minwax Golden Oak.  Some may cringe that we didn’t have it professionally restored, but the value of this piece is in our hearts, not in what someone else is willing to pay for it.  It’s one of our favorite pieces in our house.

Buffet Before and After

I found this buffet for my breakfast room at the Salvation Army store for under $140.  About $50 later (and several days of refinishing/painting) we turned it into this beautiful piece of storage.  The hardware is what attracted me to it, and it is still my favorite part.  It is solid wood,  has good sturdy drawers that slide, and dovetail joinery.  For about $200 we have a beautiful, high-quality piece of custom furniture for storing kids’ arts and crafts and my extra dining/entertaining pieces. (Scroll down for colors).

STAIN:  Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in “Kona” (premixed)

PAINT:  Sherwin Williams SW-7743 “Mountain Road” in satin

**all of it was covered with 3 coats of satin polyurethane for durability


I don’t know where I first saw these miniature fairy gardens, but I wanted to share.  Apparently, it is becoming quite a trend.  I am thinking my daughter and I should start one of our own.  I could see us getting into not only planning and planting our fairy garden, but also collecting and making things to put in the garden.

fairy garden

There are the cutest little things to get for your new little garden.  Besides all of the tiny varieties of flowers and plants (which we will no doubt kill), check out these cute little doors…

fairy door

 and these little fairy pillows!  Imaginations can run wild.  I’m thinking of putting together a little get started gift package for my daughter’s April birthday.

fairy pillows

Getting outside is one of the best ways to make me feel good.  With spring around the corner and these fairies to inspire us, I can’t think of a better way for my daughter and I to get to enjoy the great outdoors together.

April fairy