Bargain Shopping

Out and about today, I came across some deals worth sharing at my favorite Salvation Army store.

First up, a Lane coffee table.  The finish needs a little work, but it’s in good, sturdy condition with no major flaws, and as you can see it has a really cool inlay detail.  At $110 it’s a good deal for a piece of mid-century furniture.

Second up is another coffee table.  It has the coolest top on it.  It definitely needs some work, and the legs are just ho-hum, so maybe a little creativity there would help.  But, I think this could turn out amazing, and at $54 it’s a good deal for a unique and potentially stunning coffee table.

And, finally, I found a dining table and 6 chairs (4 side/2 arm) for $149!!!  I would probably do a paint/stain combination on the table, paint those cane-back chairs, and reupholster the seats in something fabulous  It opens up, but there is no leaf with it though I’m sure you could make one/have one made so you can host those big family meals.  I almost had to bring this set home to sit in my garage next to all of my other finds that I’m yet to tackle, much less have a use for.  But talk about a bargain.  Good, solid wood furniture is hard to come by these days, especially at a price like that.  With a little money and effort, you’d have a custom dining set.


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