Out and About: Downtown McKinney

Downtown McKinney, TX is such a cool place.  Amazing stores, restaurants, architecture.  And the weather today (73 and sunny) was perfect for strolling around looking for inspiration.  These things caught my eye…

This cute chandelier needs rewiring, but the scuffed blue finish and $55 price tag make it worth the effort.  Breakfast room maybe?  Avery’s room?

This marbelized lamp is cool, but I don’t really have a place for it.  But, how many lamps do you come across for $45 with a shade?  I’d probably work on the shade to give it a little more personality, but the lamp base was really pretty in person.

I’m pretty sure I need this G.  I’ve got some plans for either side of the buffet in the breakfast room and think this may be a part of it.  It was a little pricey, at $80 but it’s big and cool and it spoke to me.  I’m pretty sure I spoke to it, too.  That horse was beautiful, too, but I didn’t see a price.

This antique brass chandelier caught my eye.  I don’t love the shades, but I think if I could find some kind of mercury glass ones to tie in with the stainless and chrome going on in the kitchen, it could be awesome over my sink.  $55 and it needs to be rewired.  I think I could talk her down, though.


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