Life’s a Trip

Life is all about choices.  Sometimes the choice is clear:  there’s a right answer and a wrong answer.  We make our choices based on the expected outcome, and the consequences of those outcomes.  But, the hardest decisions to make are the ones where there is no wrong or wright answer.

Brian and I have found ourselves at a point in our lives where we are ready to make some changes.  We are fortunate that the choices are our own, but it’s hard to make big decisions when the “right” path isn’t clear.  But, I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is some ultimate plan.  I think that whatever choices we make are our own.  We get to choose our own way sometimes.  It won’t be wrong and it won’t be right, it will just be.

Whatever we decide for our family will be the right choice, because it’s the one we will make together.  As long as we keep in mind our goals, we will get there, even if we don’t have a road map.  Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have it all laid out before you, but just like the best road trips–you can plan for some things, and make up the rest as you go along.




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