Out and About

Once again, my favorite Salvation Army Store proved to be a place for excellent deals.  I think it might be fun to challenge myself to create two different moodboards inspired by what I found yesterday.  We’ll see about that, but for now let me share my finds…

These were a pair of lamps (no shades).  My phone shot them as a little creamy, but they were actually white.  $25 each.  I can see these as bedside lamps, or on a buffet.  Great looking, modern and classic, in my opinion–which is my favorite combo.  The bases need some paint (maybe a pop of color) but other than that, they were in excellent condition.

OK, don’t think I’ve gone all granny on you, but I think this lamp is so cute, and it’s what’s going to be the jumping off point for my moodboard challenge.  It’s all about context.  The flowers were more grey than lavender.  $28.

Hello, pair of chairs for $50!  Look past the ugly, these have great lines, strong bones, and a fun upholstery opportunity, to boot.

Check out these sleek nesting tables…chrome with glass tops.  $59 for the set.  Granted, I can’t see them in every room, but if you’re into that sort of thing, they are in good condition, and it’s a fair price.  I could see these left as-is for a pop of modern in a living room, or painted a bright color for a cool teen’s room or covered patio.

Happy Shopping!




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