Avery’s Daybed and Vanity

Avery’s birthday was last weekend, and what a project it turned out to be.  Not only did we have a wonderful fairy birthday party, but I also took on “project daybed and vanity” in just a matter of days!  She had been asking for a vanity for her birthday, and then it dominoed into also getting her a daybed so we’d have room for said vanity.  I didn’t have a huge budget, but I knew I could come up with something custom for much less, and for much better quality than an equally-priced new daybed and vanity.


So, I got to lookin’…I didn’t have much luck, but then I told a friend that was hosting a garage sale benefitting Relay for Life what I was looking for.  What do you know?!  She found me this vanity, and ended up only paying $20 for it (actually $40 if you count the extra donation)…

It’s solid wood, and while the mirror was missing, was in amazing condition.  As it turns out, it really only needed a light sanding and a scrubdown with some magic erasers, plus a light drybrush of white paint to have it looking good as new…

Some of the hardware was missing, so I replaced the top two with these adorable pink crystal-like knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby…

And of course, I had to paint the insides of the drawers to match the knobs and seat cushion…

Lastly, I took the existing hardware and spray painted it pink, then added some shimmer just to make sure it was just Avery’s style…

I still need to find just the perfect mirror, but for now we’ve just put her cheap-o full length mirror behind it, which suits her just fine.

Total spent:  $54 (inlcuding the $20 donation).


So, we had the vanity, but still had no daybed.  I was pretty sure I wanted to upholster the back, so that once we filled it with pillows it would be like a big, girly sofa.  But, I wasn’t sure about the sides and since we didn’t have much time to construct something, I hit the pavement and found these…

At $23 for the set (a twin headboard/footboard), I couldn’t pass it up.  It was the perfect opportunity to make her dream daybed for little effort and cash!

I brought it home, painted them, and created this…

It still needs to be dressed, in other words, it needs pillows and a dust ruffle.  But, I did take her to Target where she picked out the bright, colorful comforter.  Look for me to post the finished bedding soon.

Total spent: about $99 (not including mattress/box/rails/bedding).  Not a bad deal.

Happy Birthday, Princess Avery!


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