What I Woke Up To

I haven’t posted any photos of the personal nature (me, my family, etc), and I’m not quite sure why.  But, what I woke up to this morning was so sweet that I decided to share…While Gilby is traveling during the week, Ave and Zoe sneak down almost every night for a “sleepover”.  I woke up a bit earlier to enjoy my coffee in peace, and when I went back to wake her up for school, this is exactly how I found them…

Being a parent can be so hard sometimes.  And lately I’ve been having a bit of a hard time myself.  There have been a lot of moments lately that have left me feeling deflated as a mom, and I’ve actually found myself thinking “oh, I’m so ready for this stage to pass”.  Then, you get to walk into your bedroom and find your baby 7 year old looking so comfortable, peaceful…and loved.  And I realize, I must be doing something right.



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