I had a fun first week of summer with the kids last week, but having them home means I didn’t get to get out and about.  So, while the kids were away this weekend I did just that, and had a monumental day of finds!  So much cool stuff.  I actually walked away with some purchases (above), including vintage playing cards and an old butter lid.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet, but I loved it’s patina.  All of these little finds are part of a project I’m working on to prove how inexpensive a beautiful room can be.  So, I guess you could consider this a sneak-peak.

Anyways, not everything I found came home with me.  Here’s what else I saw…

EAT sign…and it’s wired to light.  I thought this was so fun.  $150…

Turbine chandelier.  $65.  I could see this happening.

Bar carts are everywhere. This one has huge potential with a new finish and some modern hardware.  $100

I thought this upholstered bench was so cute.  $140

There were a pair of these wingback chairs.  They are in excellent condition and were really comfy.  $125 each.  Wouldn’t they be cute with that bench???

Next up is this cool old chicken crate.  This would make a great coffee table.

See?  From Country Living.

Art can be expensive.  But, I thought this bird painting was really cool, and it was only $35.

OK, perhaps the rarest thing I found was this old chicken nest.  It was $140.  I stood there looking at it, knowing it has a use.  Maybe in a bathroom to hold toilet paper and hand towels?  Maybe in a kitchen to hold produce?  Anyways, it has that cool farmhouse chic thing going for it.

And, lastly I saw these old candlesticks.  $20 each.  Pretty pretty.  They could maybe even be turned into lamps.

Well, that’s it for this week.  Hope y’all feel inspired.  I know I do.



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