Father’s Day Gift Idea: Painted Glasses

I was on Etsy a while back and came across these really cool glasses and I knew they’d be perfect for Gilby for Father’s Day.  After all, my man loves scotch and bikes.

Naturally, (the procrastinator that I am) I forgot to order them in time to get them here.  So, my DIY brain convinced me to pack up the kids and head out for some supplies…

I only ended up needing the glasses, which I purchased at Walmart for $5 and a bottle of enamel paint (made for glass) from Michael’s for $.99.  You’ll also need brushes and a stencil.

We started out by just taping the stencil to the glass.

Then, I took a paint brush and lightly brushed the paint on.  My stencil was homemade (in other words: imperfect) so I figured this would be better, then I could go back over it after I removed the stencil.  (I’m not necessarily recommending this method–read on to see why.)

This is before I went back over it.  Not looking good so far…

(I didn’t get any action shots of me going back over them.)

After you finish painting the glasses, let them air dry for 1 hour.  Then put them on a cookie sheet and put them in a cold oven.  Heat to 350.  Bake for 30 minutes, then turn off the oven and leave them in there to cool.  This will set the paint and make them washable (top rack dishwasher safe).

So, all in all they are totally imperfect.  The Etsy ones are way cooler, and I’ll probably end up ordering those anyways.  But, I’m totally going to try this again.  I’m thinking a bicycle isn’t the easiest thing… straight lines and perfect circles on a curved surface=tragedy.   At least I was only out $6.

So, while this may not be the best example of what to do, we can all learn from my failures.  Here’s some tips that I think would make your glasses turn out way better than mine…

1. Get a decent stencil.  Duh.  I did try, though believe it or not, neither Michael’s or Hobby Lobby had a bicycle stencil.  Get with the program people!

2.  I tried using one of those foamy stamper things, and it was even worse than the brush.  I think a foam brush + a good stencil would have yielded better results.

3.  Don’t be afraid to make minor mistakes.  I found it cleans up easy with a small brush dipped in rubbing alcohol.

I hope y’all try this and let me know what works better for you.  And send pics!  Like I said, I’ll totally try this again and will post pics when I do.



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