Finds From the Lake

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we were on vacation last week.  We spent a lot of time on the water, but we also had time to go into town and dig around one of my favorite thrift stores.  We came across so many good bargains, but this is what we came home with.

Check out that mirror for only $8.  I’ve had oval mirrors cut and they ain’t that cheap!  But, put some black spray paint on it and I’m going to have a sophisticated mirror for next to nothing.  I also picked up that colorful throw that has an idea brimming in my head.  And, I couldn’t pass up the cute little mug to put our toothbrushes in.  Cloches are hot and at $3 I know I’ll find some place for it. The candlestick is for a mini project and I just needed a potato masher for at the lake, and it has that vintage-country thing going for it that I love.

That’s it for now.  Kind of a lame-o post, no doubt.  But, for some reason I still feel like I’m on vacation mode.  Ah, summertime.




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