Fabric Inspirations…

Ha ha ha!  I totally tricked y’all again, didn’t I?  I told y’all over a week ago that I’d be posting about fabrics and I didn’t.  See, that’s the thing about this ol’ blog.  If I wanna: I do.  If I don’t: I don’t.

Lucky for the 3 of you that actually read my blog, I wanna today.

But, I actually have a reason for not blogging last week.  I’ve been busy on a new project.  It involves one of my favorite things in the whole wide world:  FABRICS.  When I start a new project I typically hit the pavement for inspiration.  More often than not I end up with piles of fabrics.  And, I love to get lost in fabrics. See?  Here’s my office right now:

(When it looks like that, it means I’m in my happy place.)

This project has good timing for my inspiration.  I’ve been having a real red and blue moment lately, and this couple asked for reds and blues.  So, here’s the 3 that I’m proposing:  Think pillows and curtains.  Which is your favorite?

Scheme 1 is clearly reds and blues, but I also found a beautiful print that brings in opportunities for other colors like greens, aqua blues, and yellows.  I can see those coming out in the accessories…

Scheme 2 is darker reds and blues.  I Ioved the bird print because it also brings in lots of other colors to pop with accessories.  But, my favorite is the overscaled scrolly fabric (that’s the trade term, ya know).  It’s inexpensive, so we could use it for curtains.  Can you see it???

And the 3rd scheme, while not as developed as the others, is fun and colorful.  I threw this one in as a wild card, because I loved the shot of green.

Hopefully my client will like one of these options.  If not, I may have to redo a room in my own house just to have to opportunity to use some of these beautiful fabrics.

Does anyone else have a fabric obsession like mine?



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