Color Combination: Pink and Grey

A client of mine just announced that she is pregnant with twin girls.  As if one little girl isn’t sweet and fun enough.  Anyways, of course I was so excited when she told me they were ready to start talking about the nursery.  But, oh my, there are so many directions you can take!  Fortunately, they made my job a little easier and narrowed their scheme down to pink and grey.  It’s indeed a lovely combination.  (In fact, grey + anything rocks my world.) But, in my quest to start building up an inspiration file, I came across so many beautiful rooms with this combination.  And they’re not just nurseries…This nursery, via Indulgy, is an adorable interpretation on a nursery in pink and grey.  The hot pink keeps it from being too sweet (the baby is sweet enough), but layering in softer pinks keeps it from feeling like a teen room.Lucinda Loya Interiors via decorpad totally nailed it in this master bedroom.  I’m not sure what I love most, but the modern lines, varying shades of grey, and all of those textures keeps it from being too feminine.

This master bedroom, via pinterest, also avoids being too girly by just using a dash of the bold color.

OK, but who ever said feminine rooms are off limits?  This beautiful living room via Apartment Therapy is almost completely grey.  Only the curtains and accessories provide that powdery pink hue, but it is very decidedly feminine.  Can I also just mention how much I love the gold coffee table with all of that pink?  So glamorous.

Combining rustic furnishings with a feminine (and pink) wallpaper makes this dining space easier to swallow.  Via Allumer Decor.

Still scared of pink?  How about just adding a few flowers and accessories to an otherwise grey interior.  via Better Homes and Gardens

Would you put pink and grey in your house, other than in a nursery?  I probably would try it, if it weren’t for the 3 males living in mine.


Happy Friday!