Erin’s Living Room Revamp

Last month my BFF called me to tell me that all she wanted for her birthday was a living room redo.  She lives just north of Austin, so I jumped at the chance to get away for a weekend with my bestie and our 2 girls (+1 adorable little guy).  We did have a few challenges to deal with, including the fact that this was a long-distance redo.  Although I’ve been there several times, I didn’t have the usual preliminary design meeting, where I take photos, inventory, and measurements.  So, we relied on lots of phone calls, texts, and of course pinterest to get us going.  Surprisingly enough, it turned out pretty wonderful.

Before pics?  No.  Not only am I bad about that, but from the moment I walked in the door we got to work.  Her hubby was out of town, which meant she and I were on our own installing curtains and moving furniture, all while wrangling her 18 month old cutie pie and our daughters.  We had big plans, I tell you, but of course it didn’t all get done.  I guess that means I’ll have to take another trip soon to wrap it all up.  Damn.

But, here’s a glimpse of how it looks now…

She said she wanted a brighter, more modern room.  What stood before were dark, heavy, plaid curtains (4 panels, if you can imagine). We immediately decided to cut that down to two so she could let in more light and open things up.

The biggest change came from the addition of color through pillows and the bold pattern on the chevron rug.

We didn’t change any of the furniture, but we did add this little end table that I scored for just $14!  I just painted it and added a little glaze to wake it up next to the brown sofa.  We still need to find a lamp, so don’t worry–that plant ain’t stayin’.  It’s just representative of the scale for the future lamp that we didn’t have time to shop for.  A basket underneath houses some of little man’s toys in style.

The windows were 144″ wide, so finding hardware was impossible without going custom.  So, we just took two 1 1/4″ wooden dowels that I painted the same as the end table and we connected them in the middle.  We used ready-stained rings, brackets and finials and ended up with a truly custom look for much less.  I think we spent $10 on the rod.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Another trick we used to save $$ but get a custom look, was to take ready-made curtains and add a 6″ banding to the edges.  It not only customized them, but it also gave us an additional 12″ of width so they would look fuller.  Unlike our overwhelmed lazy butts, you may want to iron yours.

I also found a little wicker chair hiding in her corner that we pulled out and added pillows for a pop of color at the other end of the room.  It can easily be scooted around for extra seating whenever needed.  Her homework is to find some fun scrapbook papers to cover the books for even more color on the bookshelves.

And, naturally after I uploaded the pics I realized that I didn’t get a whole-room shot.  Well, I did, but it also included 3 kids, toys, and Lauri Berkner on the TV.  Everytime I’d fluff a pillow or arrange accessories for a shot, they’d jump on them and ruin sweeten the shot. So, I guess that gives me another excuse to head down south again.

All in all, we had a great weekend full decorating, food, wine, and girl talk.  I came home exhausted and chubby.  Proof it was a great weekend.  I’m going for a run now.