Friday Finds

Today I finally got all of the kids back to school.  I’ve been cooped up for quite a while, so I couldn’t wait to see what was out there for me to discover.  The weather was gorgeous, which was a good thing seeing as how I was in and out of my car 231 times, scouring my little end of the world for finds to share with y’all.  I wasn’t messing around, either.  This is what happens when you deprive yourself of something you love…when you get it again you go nuts.  Bear with me, there’s lots to see…maybe something for you!

First up we have this great little Early American bench.  Tell me this cutie wouldn’t look great in your foyer with a couple of pillows and a mirror over it?  Perfect little zone to put on shoes or to drop your bags on your way in the door.  $125 tells me it won’t be there long.

IMAG1509 Next up is this adorable black barley twist twin bed–headboard and footboard.  It has great patina, and it’s only $50 so I doubt it will be around long, either.  This would look so good in a boy’s room.IMAG1512I also found lots of accessories to share, including this milk glass pedestal.  I can see it with apples or other fruit for everyday use, but it could also do double-duty to hold cupcakes or petit fours for a party.  So sweet. $32 IMAG1513 Do you ever pick something up in a store with the intention of buying it, only to put it down at the last minute because you don’t really need it, then to get home and really wish you had bought it?  Well, that’s what happened with this bamboo-framed art.  The art itself is ugly as hell, but I loved the frame and thought it could be reused for another piece of art.  And, it’s marked down to just $12.  I’m so stupid.

IMAG1514No, I haven’t been smoking crack, I truly believe that this China cabinet has major potential.  It has glass shelves along the sides and more storage/display inside.  The brass hardware was great, and if you were to paint it, I’m sure it would command attention in a dining room.  $180. IMAG1504[1]This chest of drawers stopped me in my tracks.  Hello.  Again, awesome hardware, and the finish wasn’t bad either.  It would look good painted or left as-is.  $85 and it’s gonna be gone by tomorrow. IMAG1505[1]I liked the lines and the size of this coffee table.  I’ve seen better bargains at $75 but it’s a good solid piece of furniture, and it would be great painted, or left as-is. IMAG1506[1]This sofa table actually is a bargain at $65.  There are so many uses for a table like this, besides behind a sofa.  I think it would be great in a foyer with baskets below for holding shoes and mittens.  Add a lamp and mirror, with a bowl for your keys and you’d have a welcoming entry.  Again, the finish was good, but paint wouldn’t hurt, either. IMAG1507[1]Oh, this mirror.  Tell me you don’t think it’s beautiful and I’ll tell you you’re nuts.  Would you like to put it above that little bench, or maybe that table?  I would.  $65 and it can be yours. IMAG1498[1] This little drop down desk may end up in my living room.  I’ve been shopping for a secretary for that room, and haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for.  This isn’t exactly it either, but the dimensions and price are right…$160!  I wanted something with storage above (like a secretary), but this could work.  And, I could probably even DIY a hutch for it.  We shall see.IMAG1500[1] Another fun little accessory I found was this teal marble obelisk.  The color was fab, and it’s only $16.  IMAG1499[1]These green plates were my first find of the day and they got me so excited.  They caught my eye immediately because of their color, and I thought they’d look great hung on the wall together as a grouping.  They were priced individually, but all together they were $55.    IMAG1496[1]Everyone needs a globe at home.  This one is pretty, with its shiny brass stand, plus it’s on the smaller side, making it a good size for just about anywhere.  $20 IMAG1497[1]And, last but not least is this alabaster lamp.  The shade is awful, but that’s easy to change.  It’s a smaller lamp, so it would be good on a desk or small table.  $56. IMAG1503[1]Well, that’s it for today.  I hope you get to get out and do something you love this weekend.




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