Master Bedroom Redo: The “Befores” and the Plan

Now that we have a start on the kitchen and main living room, I am focusing my efforts on the master bedroom.  When we bought the house in October it looked like this: 004 The hospital green wasn’t working for us.  And, since this room isn’t as bright as the rest of the house, we wanted it to be brighter.  So, as of today it looks like this:

024I’ve painted the walls Sherwin Williams Individual White #SW6008.  It’s a sort of grey with a hint of purple.  I love it.

017026023002Once the rest of the layers come in, it’s going to make sense.  Until then, here’s a little moodboard I put together to keep Gilby from looking at me sideways when I tell him I want to introduce purple into our bedroom:

0144b9f04624c31b77cf9fce0e96072e20c7386e39We are keeping the headboard and all of the existing furniture.  So, the furniture pieces above are more for inspiration.  Me and my paintbrush are going to be busy.

I love the purple croc chest.  I don’t know if I’m going to bring in the texture, but the combination of grey and eggplant is precisely what I’m going for on this chest

029And I like the idea of a weathered grey and dark stain on the gateleg table

012And while I can’t afford to reupholster anything right now, I think I can DIY a slipcover for this slipper chair.

030Also in the plans is to paint the trim and doors.  One by one we are in the process of replacing all of the slab doors with these beautiful Craftsman doors.  Oddly enough there was no door to the master bathroom, so this particular one was a priority.  We’re trying something different for the trim color so check back and we’ll see if we like it.  We also plan to add backplates to the knobs.

028Judging from the holes in the coverlet, would you agree it’s time to redo our bedroom?  It’s definitely been a while.  The plans for this room aren’t lofty, but I do expect it will take some time.  Layering folks, that’s what it’s all about.



refinish my nightstand

paint/finish chest of drawers

paint/finish gateleg table

reupholster slipper chair

make pillows

photography as art


off-white comforter or coverlet

dust ruffle

accent pillows

lamp(s)–starting with my nightstand

bench for foot of bed

3 euro pillows (already have the shams)

silver frames with white mattes for photography

ceiling fan


mount TV

hang art

paint doors/trim

I’m going to start with some of the furniture pieces, mostly because I have everything I need to tackle them and that means it’s free.  I’ve been searching for the perfect comforter and still haven’t find it, but will continue to be on the lookout.  Find me on facebook to see more updates as we progress.  I’ll be back with the reveal later on.