Living Room Progress

When you buy a fixer-upper, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelming list of to-dos.  But, while cleaning out the pictures on my phone, I came across some pictures of the house that we took the first time we looked at it.  Seeing the progress we’ve made so far over the last year sure does make me feel better.  Sure, we’ve got a long ways to go.  As a matter of fact, these rooms are the only ones we’ve even touched.  But, I’m finally starting to feel a little settled.

Hard to believe we saw potential in this:

living room before 2

And while our vision is a looooong way from becoming a reality, just removing the black glass doors and having our things in place makes it more cozy.  We just recently added the paneling behind the TV, and have plans this winter to tackle the fireplace surround and mantle (if you can call it that).

living room in progress 2

Again, it took vision to get past this:

living room before

Some day, wood floors will be replaced throughout the entire first floor.  But, until we win the lottery, my goal has been to add enough warmth and style that the existing floors just go away.

living room in progress

Before: cold, stark, dated

living room before 3

And now: warm, colorful, and modern (if I do say so myself.)

living room in progress 3

I found some other “before” pictures on my phone, so I’ll be working on more room tours.

Have a great weekend!