What’s Up Wednesday

Happy hump day!  Here’s what I’ve been up to this week…

As of yesterday I finished sanding and painting the doors and trim which means I’m so close to being done, I can taste it.

averys doorThat should mean I could start cleaning up this mess…

kitchen mess…except that when I painted the new trim on the coat closet door, I went ahead and started cutting in for new paint in the foyer.

foyer paintWhat can I say…It was next on our list.  And, it’s the same paint that I’m using outside Avery’s room, so I figured while I had my paintbrush wet I might as well keep going.

I’ve also been prepping for a presentation for a client.


And, since I’m in “busy mode” and can’t sit still, I also painted these thrift store urns so they will be ready for me to plant some succulents.  Surely I can find time for that in the next day or so.

painted urn

One of my picker buddies scored these awesome shutters from an old building in Dallas.  I have plans for them.

shuttersIn addition to the home reno projects we’ve had, the kids have also had a school project that has taken over the garage and dining room.

dirty dining roomI’m not gonna lie, the messes around here have just about gotten to me lately.  But the good news is, by next week most of it should all be wrapped up, and I’ll get to spend some time really cleaning.  I seriously can’t wait.  I’m already thinking about how insane I’m going to get about it.

It’s all downhill from here!




Weekly Menu

I finally got the chalkboard paint on the pantry door, and over the weekend the handy husband updated the trim, as well as on the coat closet.  It’s a simple project that costs about $26 per door and about 30 minutes of his time.  Well worth it.  Just wish I didn’t have to sand and paint.

pantry doorIt’s a snow day here in North Texas, which means icy roads and everyone scrambling like it’s the end of days.  I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon to just grab a few things for last night’s dinner and ended up doing all of my grocery shopping for fear nothing would be left.  The shelves were totally picked over, so I think the menu looks pretty tasty considering I threw it together based on what I could get my hands on.  Stay warm!

Monday:  Hamburger steak with onion gravy, brown rice, steamed broccoli

Tuesday:  Chicken tikka masala (jarred sauce), basmati rice, cauliflower

Wednesday:  Slow cooker spare ribs with saurkraut and potatoes.  So stinky good!

Thursday:  Leftovers/snack night

Friday:  ??

Saturday:  Spaghetti and meatballs

Sunday:  slow cooker roast with veggies

Peace y’all!


House Tweaking

Sorry I didn’t post a weekly menu this week.  Our schedule is busier this week than usual, so we are pretty much having snack night every night except last night.  We had Shepherd’s Pie, and I highly recommend you try it sometime, particularly on a cold night.


The last few days, I’ve been spending time tweaking a lot of things.  We are still underway on Avery’s bedroom, which has taken entirely too long, thanks to a really annoying door fiasco.  Anyways, it was finally installed, and now I’m getting ready to paint it, along with the new modern trim we installed.  We still need to find mirrors for her closet doors, but I’m bound and determined to finish the entire room by next week.  I’m dying to post a tour.


I’ve also been playing around with the mantle in the study.  It’s been a little looking a little “stuffy”.  I recently scored some old shutters that I think I’ll try up there (haven’t picked them up just yet), but I really want to try some slightly more whimsical touches, so I threw up an old bicycle wheel that came from the hubby’s bike.  Spray painted yellow, I think it might be the start of the direction I want to take.  Not everything here will make the cut; this is just where things have landed lately.


My favorite little styling display so far is in the dining room.  I’ve been tweaking this room since we painted it a few weeks ago.  I’ll be excited to post a tour of it as well, but for now it’s been taken over by a school group project.  I’ve given up on keeping it clean and tidy until after that’s over, and the buffet is the only spot that I won’t let them touch.


It’s hump day, which means the rest of the week is downhill from here.  Make it a good ride!



Weekly Menu

It’s already Monday again.  How is that even so?

The weather is going to be great again this week, and the sun is staying out longer, so I’m feeling peppy and ready to make it a good week.  I hope y’all can do the same, but if nothing else…eat well!

Monday:   SMOOTHIE NIGHT/snacks   Mondays have become our busiest day with after-school activities, so we are just going to go ahead and make it easy.  Smoothie night seems to be everyone’s favorite.

Tuesday:   Grilled salmon,  roasted potatoes, sauteed veggies

Wednesday:   Slow cooker honey sesame chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli

Thursday:   Cheeseburger soup

Friday:   Hot dogs/brats

Saturday:   ???

A Combined Kitchen/Living Room: Fresh Inspiration

My best friend is ready for a big change in her kitchen/living room.  While it may not happen overnight, it’s useful to have the big picture in mind when moving forward.  So, I put together this post to help her figure out the end goal, and how to accomplish it in a few simple steps.  Let’s take a look at the moodboards first:

erin moodboard


Sofa, Curtains, Pair of Chairs, Rug, Storage Ottoman, End Table, Lamp, Lidded Basket, Black Cabinet, Picture Frames, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow

erins kitchen


Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Breakfast Table, Dining Chairs, Chandelier, Fabric for Roman Shades

Here’s how I suggest she go about combining these two rooms, at a pace she can afford…

Step 1:  Paint all of the walls in a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray

erin--amazing gray

Step 2:  Since she already has a leather sectional and the rug pictured, I suggest starting with the curtains, Roman shades, and pillows.  Focus on neutral colors and modern prints.  If you have $$ leftover, replace your existing ottoman for one that has storage for all of the kids’ toys.

Step 3:  Attack the kitchen.  Paint the cabinets a creamy white and wrap the island in faux stacked-stone.

Step 4:  It’s time for new furniture!  A new leather sofa and a pair of chairs in a bright color will instantly open up the room and add interest by mixing textures and colors.

Step 5:  Breakfast room.  A new round table and chairs in interesting finishes will update the room instantly.  The black chairs will tie into the existing black television unit, as will a new chandelier in a bronze finish.

No matter the budget, big changes are possible.  Hopefully by following these steps, she can get the biggest bang for her buck. I’ll look forward to seeing when the transformation starts to take place.

Weekly Menu

Have a great week!

Monday   Tacos, Spanish rice

Tuesday   Teriyaki Meatballs, steamed broccoli, brown rice

Wednesday   Chicken with mushrooms and marsala wine sauce, noodles, and roasted asparagus.  I don’t have a recipe for this one, but my grocery store carries some wonderful simmer sauces that are perfect for weeknights.  This is a new one I’ve found and I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

Thursday   Leftovers/snack night

Friday   Paninis

Saturday   Dinner Party with friends!