House Tweaking

Sorry I didn’t post a weekly menu this week.  Our schedule is busier this week than usual, so we are pretty much having snack night every night except last night.  We had Shepherd’s Pie, and I highly recommend you try it sometime, particularly on a cold night.


The last few days, I’ve been spending time tweaking a lot of things.  We are still underway on Avery’s bedroom, which has taken entirely too long, thanks to a really annoying door fiasco.  Anyways, it was finally installed, and now I’m getting ready to paint it, along with the new modern trim we installed.  We still need to find mirrors for her closet doors, but I’m bound and determined to finish the entire room by next week.  I’m dying to post a tour.


I’ve also been playing around with the mantle in the study.  It’s been a little looking a little “stuffy”.  I recently scored some old shutters that I think I’ll try up there (haven’t picked them up just yet), but I really want to try some slightly more whimsical touches, so I threw up an old bicycle wheel that came from the hubby’s bike.  Spray painted yellow, I think it might be the start of the direction I want to take.  Not everything here will make the cut; this is just where things have landed lately.


My favorite little styling display so far is in the dining room.  I’ve been tweaking this room since we painted it a few weeks ago.  I’ll be excited to post a tour of it as well, but for now it’s been taken over by a school group project.  I’ve given up on keeping it clean and tidy until after that’s over, and the buffet is the only spot that I won’t let them touch.


It’s hump day, which means the rest of the week is downhill from here.  Make it a good ride!




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