Weekly Randomness

Ready for my random post of the week?

Last week, as you know, was Spring Break.  The hubs had to work, so me and the kiddos headed up to visit my parents at the lake.  We have an old mobile home there, and while it’s not fancy, it still feels more like home to me than any other place in the world.  Nonetheless, it’s been a while since we were there, and it needed some major cleaning.

lakeIt’s just a happy place.  We have no wifi, cable tv, or even very good cell phone service out there.  It’s so peaceful.  We spend our time outside, or around this coffee table playing games and working puzzles.

While I was there, I got caught up on all of the good shelter magazines.  My mom gets all the good ones.  While going through the latest Country Living, I came across this…

stick arborYeah.  So, I’m going to need one of those.  Can you even imagine?  Some people are just so dang talented.

Speaking of talent, I’m still learning macrame.  Last week I showed you the first plant hanger I made.  Since then I’ve added another plant hanger…

macrame planter2…And my latest creation was a wall hanging…

macrame wallY’all.  I could make a million more things.  It’s so fun, and the process is so simple, yet it still takes focus.  It’s one of those things that’s a little meditative, which I love.

I also went to Calloways this past week for some new potting soil.  I can’t seem to keep succulents alive.  It’s seriously sad.  My brother in law told me I wasn’t using the right kind of soil, so I found a cactus blend that I’m hoping will give my little babies a fighting chance.  While I was there I spotted these…

calloways terrariumsI love the air plants, mosses, and tiny ferns they used.  It’s like miniature gardens.  I’ve been inspired by these for a while, and it may be about time I try it.

I started a new volunteer gig this week at the resale store for our community’s homeless shelter.  I lucked out on the position, but I’m thinking I could be in trouble.  When I got off my shift, I ended up shopping and spending $35.  I wonder if that will happen every time?  I scored some cute t-shirts, a maxi dress for summer, and these little trinkets…

findsWhen I got home, I was in the mood to bake.  Something in me has been craving zucchini muffins, and while most zucchini bread recipes are super bad for you, I came across this recipe for Zucchini Bread with Apples and Carrots and let me just say:  Holy moly.  Make them.  Eat them.

zucchini carrot muffinsThey have whole grain goodness and no refined sugar.  Plus, they are loaded with veggies, so throwing them in the kids’ backpacks for school is a good idea.

Well, y’all, that’s pretty much it for my week.  I hope yours has been swell.  It’s almost Friday, so if not, keep on truckin’!




Weekly Menu

Hello Monday!  What are y’all eating this week?  Here’s what we’re having…

weekly menu

Monday:  I have no idea.  Seriously.  We’ve got a busy night, so I’ll probably see what looks quick and easy when I get to the store.

Tuesday:  Pork and veggie fried rice, edamame.  We have some leftover grilled pork and some steamed rice, so why not?

Wednesday: Smoothies and snacks.  It’s everyone’s favorite night.

Thursday:  Grilled chicken fajitas.  Weather is supposed to be nice, so let’s grill!

Friday: Falafel, tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad.  Sounds so fresh, right?

Have a great week peeps.  I’m going to be wrapping up some work with clients, and work on getting some potting and planting done this this week here at home.  If I make any progress I’ll let ya know. ; )



Spring Break Random Post

No menu this week because it’s spring break for us.  We will be flying by the seat of our pants, so to say, but with warmer weather ahead I’m sure the fare will be getting fresher and leaner.  I’m finding myself craving fresh vegetables and grilled fish.

Speaking of healthy foods, my husband and I had an exciting Saturday night:  We made these …

fig barsWhole Wheat Fig Bars.  We had some while we were hiking in the Pacific Northwest last summer from a roadside farm stand.  We’ve craved them ever since.  These were a delicious vegan option, but they weren’t exactly what we are looking for so the search will continue.

I’ve also continued tweaking my foyer.  I added the shutters to the console table to hide the light switches.  They are in a very unfortunate position (almost right in the middle of the wall) so, leaning something is my best option for hiding them, while still being able to reach them.  We still haven’t had the painters out to finish the ceilings, so nothing is permanent. But for now, at least it’s not bare.

entry tableI got crafty…

washclothI made this pitiful little washcloth.  I am still very much learning to knit, so I love this thing a little too much.

Remember my post from last week about wanting to learn to macrame?  Well, I am doing that too!

macrame planterThis was my very first shot at it, but I am going to be doing it a lot more.  It was so simple, and once you get started you can see all the possibilities.  I think the kids could get into it, too.  I watched this and this and then sort of just went with it. (Also note the cute duck print I scored for a buck–I guess I should remove the tag ; ))

We finally wrapped up Avery’s room, including giving it a good cleaning and hanging all of her pretties.  I’ll work on a full tour after our break.

averys roomUntil then, have a great week!



Snow Day Etsy Finds

Mother Nature sent us a farewell to winter gift last night….

snow day 2 Not only did she drop about 4″ of snow all over north Texas, but she wrapped it up in sunlight, making everything shine.

snow dayAnd while I did get out and play in it a bit this morning, my baby boy got sick overnight, so I’ve spent most of the day snuggled in with him.  While he’s been watching movies, I’ve had time to play around on Etsy and come up with my current list of favorite items.

I think you could say I’m still rolling with the modern boho vibe going on lately.  It may not be the look for everyone, but the tribal patterns, earthy textures, and casual elements would blend seamlessly into any decor.

wall hangingFirst up is one of my newest finds on etsy: Sarah Neubert has such an eye for textures and colors, and she makes the most inspiring wall hangings.  I’d love to have one on my walls someday.

cork lamp
I’ve been eyeballing this vintage cork lamp from InMyIgloo for weeks.  No doubt someone will beat me to it now, but I had to share.  I love the shape and the texture.  Mid-Century deliciousness.

overdied rug

Y’all have to know that vintage rugs, particularly Turkish rugs are uber popular now.  Actually, they’ve been popular forever, but I guess you could say that the “general public” is catching up. This overdyed yellow one from Unique Rug Store belongs in my study.  If only it weren’t such a hot mess right now.

peruvian blanket

Do you have a boring chair that needs some fun color?  Drape this vintage Peruvian blanket over the back and that won’t be an issue anymore.  Or use it as a table runner, or as a scarf.  Just get one and you’ll find a spot for it.  I mean, look a those colors.  Don’t you need them in your life?

macrame planter

The inner hippie in me really wants to try making one of these macrame plant hangers.  I’ve got so many places I want to put plants around here, including hanging them from the ceilings and in windows.  This little cutie is only $18 though so it may be worth my time.

boho bag

Finally, I’m loving this little boho bag. The pattern is versatile and the size and style is perfect for any casual outfit.  I think I need it.

Thanks for stopping by!



Weekly Menu, and Foyer Progress

I didn’t post my weekly menu yesterday because it’s pretty lame.  We’ve got a few busy nights, and so I just put the menu together using some leftover meals we didn’t cook from the last couple of weeks.


Over the weekend, I continued painting the foyer.  Unfortunately, with these tall ceilings, I couldn’t finish.  I’ll have to call in the pros for that.  Before, it was dirty builder’s beige.  Now it’s bright, clean Agreeable Gray (Sherwin Williams).  (Sorry for the poor quality pic here).

foyer progress 2As you can see, I still don’t have it fully styled.  Believe it or not, this is one of the last rooms we’ve touched since we moved in a year and a half ago.  It’s got a ways to go, but the new paint is a good start.  Although the console isn’t exactly the right scale for that tall wall, it stays.  It was one of the first pieces of good furniture we bought together when we bought our first house.  But, I’ve got some ideas for making it work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share that in the coming weeks.

foyer progress 6What I’m going for is an atrium feel.  With the skylight and tall ceilings, it’s got so much natural light that it’s perfect for my plants to thrive…if I could keep the naughty kitty out of them.  Poor Oscar was twice this size.  (Does anyone else name their plants???)

As you can see, we are still dealing with the lovely green marble and white tile floors.  I’m afraid there’s not much I can do about that either.  Until we get to replace them, we just have to live with them.  I think this is the room that will definitely benefit the most from some beautiful new wood floors.  Until then…ignore them!  That’s what I do.

I bought the cool new black and white planter from Homegoods yesterday.  I was going for something graphic and a little modern, since the piano and table of my grandmother’s were starting to make this spot feel like…well…my grandmother’s.  I’ve got plans for the glass terrarium.  The stones were painted by my kids and their grandmother last summer.  I plan to add some smaller rocks and some succulents.  I also want to change out the picture frames, but I’m trying to use what I’ve got.  I can’t replace it all at once.  I’m thinking my next project for this spot, though, will probably to recover that piano bench.  The red is too much for me on top of the rug.  It stays.

foyer progress 4I’ve also seen some peeps painting baskets.  I think this one could use some work.  I scored it on the cheap a while back, and it’s size is perfect for storing our hats, mittens, and scarves.

I also painted the front door, which someday we will replace, but in the meantime the same Urbane Bronze that we used on the kitchen cabinets warms it up in the same way wood would.  That’s fun to say. Wood would.

Anyways, it’s an improvement.  Or, a step forward, at the least.

foyer progress 5

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