Snow Day Etsy Finds

Mother Nature sent us a farewell to winter gift last night….

snow day 2 Not only did she drop about 4″ of snow all over north Texas, but she wrapped it up in sunlight, making everything shine.

snow dayAnd while I did get out and play in it a bit this morning, my baby boy got sick overnight, so I’ve spent most of the day snuggled in with him.  While he’s been watching movies, I’ve had time to play around on Etsy and come up with my current list of favorite items.

I think you could say I’m still rolling with the modern boho vibe going on lately.  It may not be the look for everyone, but the tribal patterns, earthy textures, and casual elements would blend seamlessly into any decor.

wall hangingFirst up is one of my newest finds on etsy: Sarah Neubert has such an eye for textures and colors, and she makes the most inspiring wall hangings.  I’d love to have one on my walls someday.

cork lamp
I’ve been eyeballing this vintage cork lamp from InMyIgloo for weeks.  No doubt someone will beat me to it now, but I had to share.  I love the shape and the texture.  Mid-Century deliciousness.

overdied rug

Y’all have to know that vintage rugs, particularly Turkish rugs are uber popular now.  Actually, they’ve been popular forever, but I guess you could say that the “general public” is catching up. This overdyed yellow one from Unique Rug Store belongs in my study.  If only it weren’t such a hot mess right now.

peruvian blanket

Do you have a boring chair that needs some fun color?  Drape this vintage Peruvian blanket over the back and that won’t be an issue anymore.  Or use it as a table runner, or as a scarf.  Just get one and you’ll find a spot for it.  I mean, look a those colors.  Don’t you need them in your life?

macrame planter

The inner hippie in me really wants to try making one of these macrame plant hangers.  I’ve got so many places I want to put plants around here, including hanging them from the ceilings and in windows.  This little cutie is only $18 though so it may be worth my time.

boho bag

Finally, I’m loving this little boho bag. The pattern is versatile and the size and style is perfect for any casual outfit.  I think I need it.

Thanks for stopping by!




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