Spring Break Random Post

No menu this week because it’s spring break for us.  We will be flying by the seat of our pants, so to say, but with warmer weather ahead I’m sure the fare will be getting fresher and leaner.  I’m finding myself craving fresh vegetables and grilled fish.

Speaking of healthy foods, my husband and I had an exciting Saturday night:  We made these …

fig barsWhole Wheat Fig Bars.  We had some while we were hiking in the Pacific Northwest last summer from a roadside farm stand.  We’ve craved them ever since.  These were a delicious vegan option, but they weren’t exactly what we are looking for so the search will continue.

I’ve also continued tweaking my foyer.  I added the shutters to the console table to hide the light switches.  They are in a very unfortunate position (almost right in the middle of the wall) so, leaning something is my best option for hiding them, while still being able to reach them.  We still haven’t had the painters out to finish the ceilings, so nothing is permanent. But for now, at least it’s not bare.

entry tableI got crafty…

washclothI made this pitiful little washcloth.  I am still very much learning to knit, so I love this thing a little too much.

Remember my post from last week about wanting to learn to macrame?  Well, I am doing that too!

macrame planterThis was my very first shot at it, but I am going to be doing it a lot more.  It was so simple, and once you get started you can see all the possibilities.  I think the kids could get into it, too.  I watched this and this and then sort of just went with it. (Also note the cute duck print I scored for a buck–I guess I should remove the tag ; ))

We finally wrapped up Avery’s room, including giving it a good cleaning and hanging all of her pretties.  I’ll work on a full tour after our break.

averys roomUntil then, have a great week!




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