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Ready for my random post of the week?

Last week, as you know, was Spring Break.  The hubs had to work, so me and the kiddos headed up to visit my parents at the lake.  We have an old mobile home there, and while it’s not fancy, it still feels more like home to me than any other place in the world.  Nonetheless, it’s been a while since we were there, and it needed some major cleaning.

lakeIt’s just a happy place.  We have no wifi, cable tv, or even very good cell phone service out there.  It’s so peaceful.  We spend our time outside, or around this coffee table playing games and working puzzles.

While I was there, I got caught up on all of the good shelter magazines.  My mom gets all the good ones.  While going through the latest Country Living, I came across this…

stick arborYeah.  So, I’m going to need one of those.  Can you even imagine?  Some people are just so dang talented.

Speaking of talent, I’m still learning macrame.  Last week I showed you the first plant hanger I made.  Since then I’ve added another plant hanger…

macrame planter2…And my latest creation was a wall hanging…

macrame wallY’all.  I could make a million more things.  It’s so fun, and the process is so simple, yet it still takes focus.  It’s one of those things that’s a little meditative, which I love.

I also went to Calloways this past week for some new potting soil.  I can’t seem to keep succulents alive.  It’s seriously sad.  My brother in law told me I wasn’t using the right kind of soil, so I found a cactus blend that I’m hoping will give my little babies a fighting chance.  While I was there I spotted these…

calloways terrariumsI love the air plants, mosses, and tiny ferns they used.  It’s like miniature gardens.  I’ve been inspired by these for a while, and it may be about time I try it.

I started a new volunteer gig this week at the resale store for our community’s homeless shelter.  I lucked out on the position, but I’m thinking I could be in trouble.  When I got off my shift, I ended up shopping and spending $35.  I wonder if that will happen every time?  I scored some cute t-shirts, a maxi dress for summer, and these little trinkets…

findsWhen I got home, I was in the mood to bake.  Something in me has been craving zucchini muffins, and while most zucchini bread recipes are super bad for you, I came across this recipe for Zucchini Bread with Apples and Carrots and let me just say:  Holy moly.  Make them.  Eat them.

zucchini carrot muffinsThey have whole grain goodness and no refined sugar.  Plus, they are loaded with veggies, so throwing them in the kids’ backpacks for school is a good idea.

Well, y’all, that’s pretty much it for my week.  I hope yours has been swell.  It’s almost Friday, so if not, keep on truckin’!




Snow Day Etsy Finds

Mother Nature sent us a farewell to winter gift last night….

snow day 2 Not only did she drop about 4″ of snow all over north Texas, but she wrapped it up in sunlight, making everything shine.

snow dayAnd while I did get out and play in it a bit this morning, my baby boy got sick overnight, so I’ve spent most of the day snuggled in with him.  While he’s been watching movies, I’ve had time to play around on Etsy and come up with my current list of favorite items.

I think you could say I’m still rolling with the modern boho vibe going on lately.  It may not be the look for everyone, but the tribal patterns, earthy textures, and casual elements would blend seamlessly into any decor.

wall hangingFirst up is one of my newest finds on etsy: Sarah Neubert has such an eye for textures and colors, and she makes the most inspiring wall hangings.  I’d love to have one on my walls someday.

cork lamp
I’ve been eyeballing this vintage cork lamp from InMyIgloo for weeks.  No doubt someone will beat me to it now, but I had to share.  I love the shape and the texture.  Mid-Century deliciousness.

overdied rug

Y’all have to know that vintage rugs, particularly Turkish rugs are uber popular now.  Actually, they’ve been popular forever, but I guess you could say that the “general public” is catching up. This overdyed yellow one from Unique Rug Store belongs in my study.  If only it weren’t such a hot mess right now.

peruvian blanket

Do you have a boring chair that needs some fun color?  Drape this vintage Peruvian blanket over the back and that won’t be an issue anymore.  Or use it as a table runner, or as a scarf.  Just get one and you’ll find a spot for it.  I mean, look a those colors.  Don’t you need them in your life?

macrame planter

The inner hippie in me really wants to try making one of these macrame plant hangers.  I’ve got so many places I want to put plants around here, including hanging them from the ceilings and in windows.  This little cutie is only $18 though so it may be worth my time.

boho bag

Finally, I’m loving this little boho bag. The pattern is versatile and the size and style is perfect for any casual outfit.  I think I need it.

Thanks for stopping by!



Finds (and lots of them)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any of my finds.  So, I’ve gone back into my phone and pulled up some of the awesomeness I’ve stumbled across in the last few weeks.

Need a sofa?  This iphone photo doesn’t do this one justice.  I found it at a local consignment shop, and it has a mate.  The color was actually a rich brown, and it was in like-new condition.  Made by Lane, the cushions were downy and soft.  I could have totally sunk right in.  The price was under $1000 which for a good quality sofa ain’t half bad.


The same shop had these two beautiful chairs.  Again, the photos aren’t even close to the actual color.  These babies were a dark teal.  So current, so comfy, and with that nailhead trim the $350 pricetag (per chair) was a deal!IMG_2554

I almost needed this little table for my back porch.  But, alas I left it behind for someone else to score.  $25!!!IMG_2562I don’t have any need for this table, but it was so darn gorgeous I needed to snap a pic.  The finish was so beyond words.  Absolutely stunning, this table was the perfect size for a game table in a large room or a small breakfast table.  It’s so worth the $499 tag. IMG_2552 Oh, this bike painting made me smile.  I wanted to snatch it up for my brother’s girlfriend, but the $300 tag was a little high for me.  Still a good price, nonetheless, for an original piece of art.  Maybe I could try my hand at recreating it???IMG_2557 Another beauty was this console table.  $1,800 isn’t cheap, but neither is the quality of this piece.  It could literally make the room.IMG_2569 This pair of panels also weren’t cheap (at $1,100) but I never said I had cheap taste.  These could be awesome installed as doors to a special room, or hung on the wall in a grand foyer or living room.IMG_2566 These cute little spools may be more in my budget (assorted prices and styles starting at $3 each). I found them at Vintage Market Days antique market and thought they would be cute tucked into a bookshelf for styling.IMG_2589 The same market had these little metal assorted letters and shapes for making your own signs.  $2 each, your limit is your imagination!IMG_2590I love old bread bowls.  I have one and I use it for entertaining and decorating.  This dealer had a several, and at only $25 each everyone should have one. IMG_2596Foo Dogs have long been used in Feng Shui design.  They are thought to protect the home, and are also known for announcing status.  This pair was made from stone (alabaster?) for $115.  Gorgeous. IMG_2597Do you like a little “whimsy” in your world?  Then maybe this folk horse belongs in your home!  He was pretty cool, and I think it would be fun to design a room around him.  $165. IMG_2598 Next up, I came across this old metal cabinet.  Is it just me, or could you see this being used as an island in a little kitchen?  Or maybe for a cutting/storage table in a craft room?  $195.IMG_2602 Did you know that Bed Bath and Beyond now carries designer pillows?  I didn’t either.  But, while on my quest for the perfect bedding for our master bedroom makeover (still haven’t found anything yet), I came across these beauties.  They are a little high (around $60 each), but the quality is there.  Large, down-filled, and heavy duty fabrics in great textures and colors make BBandB one of my new spots to shop for pillows.IMG_2603And, finally, a shot at our backyard.  The recent rain has brought the green into full force, and we are finally seeing our hard work paying off.  I’m going to be putting together a post to share what we’ve done back there so far. IMG_2577Well…find anything you need?  Or, do you just need me to shop for you?  Contact me today to see what I can do for you and your home at cagilbertson@gmail.com.

Have a great hump day!



Happy Sanity Week (finds)

This was the first week of school for my little darlings, which meant I was free for the first time in months to get out and about.  I had taken the summer off from working with clients so that I could dedicate my attention to them (and believe me–they demanded it), but by the end I was so ready to pick up where I left off.  Wild horses couldn’t have kept me away from the antique shops, thrift stores, fabric stores, and Homegoods this week.

While I am currently working on a couple of projects for my mom that should wrap up soon, client work hasn’t started up yet.  So, I just wanted to get out and get some inspiration and see what there was to see.

See I did.  And inspired I was.

Let’s get to it.  There’s a lot to see…

First up is a pair of brass horse bookends.  Classic, timeless.  $15 for the pair.  Not bad.  IMAG2511This same vendor also had these super fun emerald green, brass, and copper horse head bookends.  They’d add an interesting pop of color on your bookshelves.

IMAG2512And, while we are on the subject, I also came across these horse head bookends…These are my favorite ones, perhaps because they are alabaster.  I love me some alabaster.

IMAG2528Next as I was trotting along, I came across this cabinet.  $40.  Seriously?  OK, I’ll paint you and put a butcher block on you and use you in my kitchen as an island.  Oh, wait, I don’t have room for an island in my kitchen.  Well, if I did, I would totally do that.IMAG2522Who doesn’t think this library table is gorgeous?  I wish you could have seen the finish.  It’s got such patina and the prettiest little dings and marks on it that add just the right amount of character.  What a great little piece of furniture.  $299.IMAG2525Anyone know a little boy that wants a football themed room?  I do, but too bad we’re not decorating it right now, because these vintage helmets would totally be a jumping off point for an entire room.

IMAG2531Are you looking for some storage in a small, dull bathroom?  Well, then go get this bamboo cabinet and paint it a bright color.  It’s full of shelves and a drawer for storage, and the price makes it a no brainer.  $40.

IMAG2537Speaking of bamboo, I love it.  Always have and probably always will.  This end table is just lovely, and I so wish I had a place for it.  $80.

IMAG2535And this bamboo chair almost came home with me.  I have a bit of a problem with leaving accent chairs behind.  What is it about chairs that I love so much?  I think it’s that they can actually have a personality. $89.IMAG2575The only thing I love as much as bamboo furniture is faux bamboo furniture.  This is a brass bamboo and glass coffee table that would glam up any living room.  $55.

IMAG2560And while I don’t get asked to do many dining rooms, I wish I had one to do now because this table is SO COOL.  It’s super heavy, and the antique brass frame and the beveled glass makes it so unique.

IMAG2562The tag says these chairs come with it.  ($250 for the set).  And while I don’t love them with this table, they are actually really cool (and comfortable).  Some new fabric and a paint job would make them stars of any dining space.

IMAG2564Are you tired of shopping yet? Good, let’s keep going…

Another beautiful antique end table.  Heywood Wakefield.  $65.00.  Yes!

IMAG2555And finally, my favorite find of the day is this Chinese silk screen.  $110.  I cannot even explain to you how pretty this is…

IMAG2572I loved the green in the birds…

IMAG2574Next post I’ll share the fabrics I found, including one that I found to go with this in what could be a beautiful room.

Believe it or not, there was more.  But, I just decided it’s time to kick off my shoes and have a glass of wine.

A toast: To school!



Friday Finds

Today I finally got all of the kids back to school.  I’ve been cooped up for quite a while, so I couldn’t wait to see what was out there for me to discover.  The weather was gorgeous, which was a good thing seeing as how I was in and out of my car 231 times, scouring my little end of the world for finds to share with y’all.  I wasn’t messing around, either.  This is what happens when you deprive yourself of something you love…when you get it again you go nuts.  Bear with me, there’s lots to see…maybe something for you!

First up we have this great little Early American bench.  Tell me this cutie wouldn’t look great in your foyer with a couple of pillows and a mirror over it?  Perfect little zone to put on shoes or to drop your bags on your way in the door.  $125 tells me it won’t be there long.

IMAG1509 Next up is this adorable black barley twist twin bed–headboard and footboard.  It has great patina, and it’s only $50 so I doubt it will be around long, either.  This would look so good in a boy’s room.IMAG1512I also found lots of accessories to share, including this milk glass pedestal.  I can see it with apples or other fruit for everyday use, but it could also do double-duty to hold cupcakes or petit fours for a party.  So sweet. $32 IMAG1513 Do you ever pick something up in a store with the intention of buying it, only to put it down at the last minute because you don’t really need it, then to get home and really wish you had bought it?  Well, that’s what happened with this bamboo-framed art.  The art itself is ugly as hell, but I loved the frame and thought it could be reused for another piece of art.  And, it’s marked down to just $12.  I’m so stupid.

IMAG1514No, I haven’t been smoking crack, I truly believe that this China cabinet has major potential.  It has glass shelves along the sides and more storage/display inside.  The brass hardware was great, and if you were to paint it, I’m sure it would command attention in a dining room.  $180. IMAG1504[1]This chest of drawers stopped me in my tracks.  Hello.  Again, awesome hardware, and the finish wasn’t bad either.  It would look good painted or left as-is.  $85 and it’s gonna be gone by tomorrow. IMAG1505[1]I liked the lines and the size of this coffee table.  I’ve seen better bargains at $75 but it’s a good solid piece of furniture, and it would be great painted, or left as-is. IMAG1506[1]This sofa table actually is a bargain at $65.  There are so many uses for a table like this, besides behind a sofa.  I think it would be great in a foyer with baskets below for holding shoes and mittens.  Add a lamp and mirror, with a bowl for your keys and you’d have a welcoming entry.  Again, the finish was good, but paint wouldn’t hurt, either. IMAG1507[1]Oh, this mirror.  Tell me you don’t think it’s beautiful and I’ll tell you you’re nuts.  Would you like to put it above that little bench, or maybe that table?  I would.  $65 and it can be yours. IMAG1498[1] This little drop down desk may end up in my living room.  I’ve been shopping for a secretary for that room, and haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for.  This isn’t exactly it either, but the dimensions and price are right…$160!  I wanted something with storage above (like a secretary), but this could work.  And, I could probably even DIY a hutch for it.  We shall see.IMAG1500[1] Another fun little accessory I found was this teal marble obelisk.  The color was fab, and it’s only $16.  IMAG1499[1]These green plates were my first find of the day and they got me so excited.  They caught my eye immediately because of their color, and I thought they’d look great hung on the wall together as a grouping.  They were priced individually, but all together they were $55.    IMAG1496[1]Everyone needs a globe at home.  This one is pretty, with its shiny brass stand, plus it’s on the smaller side, making it a good size for just about anywhere.  $20 IMAG1497[1]And, last but not least is this alabaster lamp.  The shade is awful, but that’s easy to change.  It’s a smaller lamp, so it would be good on a desk or small table.  $56. IMAG1503[1]Well, that’s it for today.  I hope you get to get out and do something you love this weekend.



Free to Shop

So, after a week with no kids, I’ve got a lot to share.  The wee ones were spending a week in Tulsa with the in-laws (they are the main reason I married my hubby), so I had some free time to get out and about.  My main objective was to finish up some details for my nephew’s nursery, but seeing as how I don’t have a one-track mind, I totally got sidetracked.  Now, I’m going to make you scroll through lots of pics of what I found.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see something that makes you flip.

Now, let me forewarn you: not everything I found was a steal, or even inexpensive.  As a matter of fact, since I did have so much free time, I decided to venture down to some of my old stomping grounds (the land of no budget).  I did find a few good deals, but other things like this Murano glass chandelier had to make the cut, just because of the sheer beauty.  At $1,200 it’s not cheap, but you can bet it would totally make a room…

Another high-end beauty was this American made library chest.  I cannot describe to you how wonderful it was in person.  If I had $3,750 to spend on a piece of furniture I would have bought it.  This piece was so well crafted and aged with the warm finish, green interior, and those amazing leaded doors.  Drool, drool, drool…

From the same store, I also found this antique drum.  It was made from a hollowed-out tree trunk and hide.  Real deal, folks.  For years I’ve been looking for an old drum to use as a side table (add a base and glass top) for next to Gilby’s chair.  It seemed like fate, except it was $150, which wasn’t in my pocket.  So, for now it will remain in my dreams…

More in keeping with my budget was this cool Mid-Century starburst clock.  It was only $39 but I really don’t have a spot for it right now.  Know anyone who does?  Call me…


How about this cute little marble-topped table?  It was only $35 and I loved the green painted finish…

So, this wall-hanging doesn’t fit my style, but I appreciated it for it’s beauty.  It would be stunning on a large wall in a more traditional home.  The colors were great, and though I didn’t open it up to see the whole thing, it’s quite large and in good condition.  At $90 it’s a great deal for a large piece of art…

This antique buffet was so well made and the finish was beautiful.  It’s $495 and well worth it for the quality.  It would be great in a dining room, family room, or even a bedroom…

This old gun cabinet was one of my other favorites.  It has great potential for storage in an entryway.  Remove the gun holders and replace them with hooks for backpacks or jackets.  It was marked $160, but I’m sure I could score it for less (note the 25% off sign)…

I also saw potential in this old open frame.  It was very big and ornate.  It could be made into a mirror, or you could hang a plate or some other special object in the center, and it would be an eye-catching piece of art.  $45…

Here’s the one thing that came home with me.  Gilby has been wanting a new nightstand for a while, and this one is totally his style.  Mid-century goodness and only $35!  I’ll have to take a picture of it in it’s new home and post that later…

Another lighting option was this black and brass chandelier.  It’s $185, so it’s comparable in price to something you may find at a big-box store, but if you ask me it’s got more character.  And, it’s definitely more unique…

I really fell in love with this clock.  Again, it’s not necessarily my style, but it was only $25 and it was so pretty.  I want to give it a good home.  Know anyone?  Call me…

Well, I did see lots of other things, but that’s all I’m going to leave you with for today.  Did you see anything that you would love in your home?

Check back later this week and I’ll share some of the fabrics that I found that got my motor running.  Have a good one!




Finds With a Friend

I got my kids into a 4-day camp this week so I could get a little break.  Of course I had to use some of that time to get out and about.  But this week was extra special ‘cuz I got to take along my buddy, Bee.  See, I somehow convinced her to let me invade on her room redo, which thus far has been her study.  Except, we’ve now found ourselves chatting up ideas for her kitchen/breakast room.  So, with all of that on our mind I took her to a couple of my favorite spots for inspiration. It took a lot of restraint for both of us to walk out empty-handed.  We did leave with plenty of ideas though.

First up is this awesome koi fish mirror.  I think it could stand to have a spray tan of some high gloss paint (white, red???).  But, it’s only $38 and it would look amazing on a buffet, mantle, console table, etc.  And you know those koi fish represent courage, right?  Love it…

I love a pretty canister set on the kitchen counters.  They can hold all kinds of goodies.  Most of these sets are fairly pricey, so I thought $35 for this robin’s egg blue set was a good deal.  It would look great in Bee’s kitchen…

Speaking of Bee, she fell in love with this vase set.  The colors are spot on for everything she’s got going on so far.  $20 for the set tells me she’ll be back…

See this antique rug?  I fell in love with it last week and brought Bee to see it.  It’s like it was made for her entry way.  Isn’t it great?  $85…

And, now that you see that rug, can’t you see this $12 stoneware bowl filled with red apples on her kitchen table?  Are you catchin’ my drift?…

Not everything I saw was for Bee.  This was actually a dry sink, but I could see it used as a changing table.  You could make a little cushion to fit in the top–perfect so the bambino doesn’t roll out.  It has storage and it’s solid wood.  New paint and hardware would go a long way on this piece for $125.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for me to pass up was, of all things, this copper entertaining set.  That’s a chafing dish, fondu set, and mini fondu set.  It’s so beautiful and I want it to be mine.  $39 is so totally worth it, but I’m broke as a joke today.  So, it stayed…

And, for sentimental reasons, I have to post these.  I’m not 100% sure, but I believe they are the same glasses that belonged to my great grandmother.  I have a set of 12 that are a different shape, but they have the same etched detail.  I will say mine feel a little heavier, but seeing this set with a pitcher stopped me in my tracks…

This vintage smoker’s set caught my eye.  I don’t smoke, but this set is so pretty that I feel like it’s my duty to come up with some other use for it.  Maybe as a desk set???  It’s made from what looks/feels like real turquoise.  It’s absolutely beautiful in person and would make an excellent conversation piece.  $69.95 (and the lighter actually sparks!)

This dresser was an option for a buffet for Bee’s breakfast room.  At $99 it’s a great deal.  A new coat of paint would definitely bring it up to date, but we decided to wait since we’ve only just started looking…

This little primitive hutch was so cute.  It’s only $44!  I think it would be so cute in an entry, mudroom, bathroom.  Wherever.

I don’t know how I passed this bench up.  It’s only $15 and I can totally tackle that upholstery myself…

This round mid-century wooden serving tray would be amazing in almost any room, in any decor.  $11.  Are you kidding me?  How did I keep passing up these deals?…

This red coffee table wasn’t doing much for me, as far as the finish goes.  But, I can work with anything and for only $40 it had to make the post.  It has beautiful ball and claw feet that would add sophistication to a living room…

Again, in the interest of a good deal, I thought this console table would be awesome in an entry or behind a sofa.  I would probably work on the finish a bit, but it’s $90 for a solid piece of furniture…

Well, that’s it folks.  I told you we were inspired.  Isn’t it always that way, though?  When you don’t have a dime to spend you come across all kinds of stuff you feel like you have to have, but it’s not usually the other way around.  Oh well.  I figure if it’s there when I’ve got the money it was meant to be mine.  Otherwise, there’s always next time.



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Finds From the Lake

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we were on vacation last week.  We spent a lot of time on the water, but we also had time to go into town and dig around one of my favorite thrift stores.  We came across so many good bargains, but this is what we came home with.

Check out that mirror for only $8.  I’ve had oval mirrors cut and they ain’t that cheap!  But, put some black spray paint on it and I’m going to have a sophisticated mirror for next to nothing.  I also picked up that colorful throw that has an idea brimming in my head.  And, I couldn’t pass up the cute little mug to put our toothbrushes in.  Cloches are hot and at $3 I know I’ll find some place for it. The candlestick is for a mini project and I just needed a potato masher for at the lake, and it has that vintage-country thing going for it that I love.

That’s it for now.  Kind of a lame-o post, no doubt.  But, for some reason I still feel like I’m on vacation mode.  Ah, summertime.



Moody Tuesday

I’m not actually moody today, but I did create a new moodboard.  After my outing the other day, I was so inspired by some of the deals I came across that I decided to create a moodboard using some of them…

I think this a pretty room, full of color and style.  And, it could be recreated for well under $3,000.  Want to know the sources?  Contact me at cagilbertson@gmail.com.

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