A Combined Kitchen/Living Room: Fresh Inspiration

My best friend is ready for a big change in her kitchen/living room.  While it may not happen overnight, it’s useful to have the big picture in mind when moving forward.  So, I put together this post to help her figure out the end goal, and how to accomplish it in a few simple steps.  Let’s take a look at the moodboards first:

erin moodboard


Sofa, Curtains, Pair of Chairs, Rug, Storage Ottoman, End Table, Lamp, Lidded Basket, Black Cabinet, Picture Frames, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow, Pillow

erins kitchen


Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Breakfast Table, Dining Chairs, Chandelier, Fabric for Roman Shades

Here’s how I suggest she go about combining these two rooms, at a pace she can afford…

Step 1:  Paint all of the walls in a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray

erin--amazing gray

Step 2:  Since she already has a leather sectional and the rug pictured, I suggest starting with the curtains, Roman shades, and pillows.  Focus on neutral colors and modern prints.  If you have $$ leftover, replace your existing ottoman for one that has storage for all of the kids’ toys.

Step 3:  Attack the kitchen.  Paint the cabinets a creamy white and wrap the island in faux stacked-stone.

Step 4:  It’s time for new furniture!  A new leather sofa and a pair of chairs in a bright color will instantly open up the room and add interest by mixing textures and colors.

Step 5:  Breakfast room.  A new round table and chairs in interesting finishes will update the room instantly.  The black chairs will tie into the existing black television unit, as will a new chandelier in a bronze finish.

No matter the budget, big changes are possible.  Hopefully by following these steps, she can get the biggest bang for her buck. I’ll look forward to seeing when the transformation starts to take place.


It’s not so hard being green

Well, again I left y’all hanging. I truly had good intentions of posting more holiday photos and recipes, but then that awful thing happened in Connecticut and I just didn’t feel like it.  Like most everyone else, all I wanted to to was hold my family tighter than ever and create warm and loving memories with my kids during what should be a joyous time of year.  Working and decorating weren’t even on my radar.  We did end up having a special Christmas, and I did take pictures which I will (hopefully) get around to sharing one of these days.

But for now it’s a new year, and I’m looking forward to it.  Having 3 kids at home for 2 weeks meant that I didn’t get out much, so I spent a lot of time organizing, cleaning out, and rethinking some areas in my home.  I’m working on some plans for them that I will  share when I finish.  They are definitely lofty for my budget (which is nill), but I’m going to try to show you how to get the biggest bang for your decorating budget by doing little things at a time.  Stay tuned for that.  One of my resolutions will be to share more with y’all on this here blog.

To begin, I wanted to share a moodboard I did featuring Pantone’s 2013 color of the year: Emerald.

photo(5)Pantone, in case you don’t know, is the color standard for pretty much everything.  They standardize color for a wide range of industries like fashion, architecture/design, and printing.  Each year they announce a color of the year, and when they do, you can be sure you’ll see it popping up everywhere.

Here’s the sources:

Sofa–when your big furniture pieces are neutral, it’s easy to change up the look with art, accessories, and pillows.

Rug–another neutral

End Table

Floral Lumbar Pillow–this pillow is so pretty, and notice all of those shades of green

Grey Polka Dot Pillow

Orange Velvet Pillow–add a complimentary color into the mix to keep it interesting.

Green Chevron Pillow–(this one’s no longer available, but here’s another)

Vintage Egg Print–I use these all the time

Vintage Foo Dogs–these guys would look great nestled in a book shelf

Tray–in our accent color

Butterfly print–aren’t those colors amazing?!  I could see this as part of a vignette with a chest below, and that lamp.

Go out and be inspired.  Have a great day!



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Moody Tuesday

I’m not actually moody today, but I did create a new moodboard.  After my outing the other day, I was so inspired by some of the deals I came across that I decided to create a moodboard using some of them…

I think this a pretty room, full of color and style.  And, it could be recreated for well under $3,000.  Want to know the sources?  Contact me at cagilbertson@gmail.com.

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Gold on the Ceiling

Ever heard of The Black Keys?  If not, you have probably heard some of their music but don’t know it.  It’s everywhere.  And it’s freakin’ awesome.  My big brother got me listening to them last summer and I can’t get enough. Anyways, the other day after dropping the kids off, I was rockin’ out to “Gold on the Ceiling” high school-style (you know…loud, with the windows open) and I started thinking about a room with gold on the ceiling.  I got inspired, man.  So, I made a moodboard.  I was picturing a super-masculine room, maybe a den or man-cave (even though I hate that term).  Anyways, I’ve got no place for a room like this, but maybe someone else does.  Even if you don’t, go to iTunes right now and download some of their stuff. Then turn it up really loud.  I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s intended to be.

(message me for sources)